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Beating the Competition by Investing in Custom Vehicle Wraps

As a Charleston business owner, you need the best possible way to attract new customer, inquires, leads and business partners. With vehicle wrap advertising, you gain an affordable choice and effective marketing strategy to beat the competition.

In a major city, such as Charleston, using a vehicle wrap provides an easy way to get your message in front of thousands each day. Traditional advertising doesn’t have the ability to reach people as quickly and as easily. With a very low cost, compared to the return on investment, vehicle wraps give your business an edge. Turning your car, truck or entire business fleet into traveling billboards means you’ll be able to spread your message easily and efficiently every single day.

At Kranken Signs, we take vinyl wraps to the next level. Our professional design and installation team ensures high quality materials and the perfect design to make your message stand out. According to the Trucking Association & Outdoor Association of America, truck wraps provide over 16 million impressions on consumers every single day. In addition, these impressions get noticed and they provide an easy way for potential customers to contact the company.

With a custom vehicle wrap, you’ll be able to spread your message at a far more affordable cost compared to TV, radio, newspaper and many online marketing strategies. An average vehicle wrap even beats out the cost of a billboard.

Billboards average about $2.40 per square foot, while a vehicle wrap is closer to $0.20 per square foot. In addition, once the vehicle wrap is installed, it will advertise for your company for the life of the vehicle. Billboards come with monthly or annual fees to continue the advertising.

Benefits from Using Our Charleston SC Vehicle Wraps

When you choose Kranken Signs for your vehicle wraps in Charleston, you gain many benefits. First, you’ll be seen more often than your competition and gain more attention. Second, you’ll gain a higher return on investment compared to TV, newspaper, radio and other forms of marketing. Very few types of marketing can generate the ROI a vehicle wrap can generate. Finally, you’ll gain the benefit of knowing your vehicles are working for you. Why have a plain colored vehicle representing your company when it could communicate your brand message far better?

Our Premium Vehicle Wraps Get You Noticed!

With a custom vehicle wrap, you’ll get noticed in Charleston, SC. Your business needs new customers regularly and vehicle wraps with a sharp, professional design have the ability to provide regular leads. Since you’ll be seen in many different areas, often more than once a day, your business will gain huge advantages.

The cost saving benefit remains as one of the best when it comes to vehicle wraps. Buying a single wrap or one for each of your company vehicles provides one of the lowest cost marketing options with huge outreach. Since the wraps have a lifespan of five to ten years, you’ll gain advertising for the next decade. How much would that cost if you used TV and radio?

If saving money on marketing is one of your main concerns, a vehicle wrap provides one of the best investments. At Kranken Signs, we provide custom car decals, vehicle wraps, camo wraps and much more for your business. Our team will help put you on the map and ensure you get noticed in Charleston, SC.

Are you ready to give your business the best possible exposure for the lowest price? Do you want to invest in a vehicle wrap and put your contact details in front of the huge audience in Charleston?

Call us today and let us help you take advantage of this unique marketing opportunity!

Get A Higher ROI With Vehicle Wraps

Here are some of the common traditional advertising methods and their costs – compared to vehicle wrap advertising.

  • Primetime TV spot: $20.54
  • Newspaper (1/4 page B&W): $11.66
  • Primetime Network TV: $11.31
  • Radio (:60 morning drive slot): $5.92
  • Rotary Bulletins (posters): $3.90
  • Rotary Bulletins (billboards): $1.78
  • Truck/Vehicle Wrap: Less than $0.70

Compare these to the cost of Truck/Vehicle wraps at less than $0.70 and you can easily see which one is the best choice.

This makes it pretty obvious how you can save money on marketing with vehicle wraps in Charleston. As one of the most effective and affordable options for business marketing, why wait any longer?

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